Shivangi A Gandhi is a label conceived in the UAE, now building its foundation in the Indian market. It is a global brand at its core. We create Luxury Ready to Wear, drawing inspiration from the designer's indian and middle eastern roots.

We stand for gender and racial equality with body-positivity and inclusivity at the center. We believe Luxury should not be limited to any set societal standards. Our design ideology focuses on quality and exclusivity of design.

Our brand recognizes clothing as an investment, rather than a short-term purchase. We strive to make our consumers feel powerful, comfortable, and beautifully expressive. The brand draws from its traditional roots and has evolved in a manner relatable to an audience worldwide. Our authenticity and adaptability is our biggest strength.


Just a little girl with a big dream, is how the designer chooses to introduce herself. Shivangi Gandhi is a fashion designer and pattern maker by profession and a dreamer by choice.

Born and raised in the UAE, Shivangi has obtained her degree in fashion design from the prestigious French Fashion University ESMOD.

Hailing from a seven year work experience in the field of design and styling, She started as a freelance designer making clothing under her own name in 2016.

After a move to India in 2019, Shivangi is now ready to plunge into a global market with her roots in Mumbai.